Welcome to the Independence Zone!

The Independence Zone is a FREE community service.
Independence Zone’s current outreach is to Independence, Missouri and immediate area.

Hi, I’m Shawn Driscoll, and this website is for you!

The concept behind the Independence Zone is to assist anyone-who-will to “take the next step up” in their lives.

For some, this might mean becoming employed, finding a better job, getting more training, obtaining higher pay, or receiving a better education. For some, this could mean finding shelter, necessities, utility assistance, or even a new home.

And for others, this might mean a higher level of satisfaction, joy, understanding, or even greater spiritual awareness.

If you want to really be free, then this is the place to be. For now, this website is designed to be like signs along the roadside, pointing the way to useful destinations. The true road is the narrow path, which is the street metaphorically called “Virtue”. While it is not guaranteed to bring you success, it will increase your odds considerably, but only in a true and righteous society, and only if it is the will of God. This road leads to life. But broad is the road to destruction. See Matthew 7:13-14

Shawn Driscoll, Website Scribbler in Chief

Shawn is highly qualified to do things and stuff!

Shawn Driscoll

Garfield, Director of Communications

Garfield will be happy to address any compliments, complaints, or questions that you might have…or maybe not. He’s a cat, so what are you gonna do?

Garfield, Director of Communications

Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick and self
Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick and Self

Mrs. Missouri America 2018 Brandy Palacios and Self
Mrs. Missouri America 2018 Brandy Palacios and Self

Mrs. Missouri America 2018 Brandy Palacios
Mrs. Missouri America 2018 Brandy Palacios

Kind response from President Donald J. Trump
White House Email Response

And now for some meaning and poetry…


I cannot be a so-called Independent
  Because I have a Mind
I cannot be a so-called Democrat
  Because I have a Soul
I cannot be a so-called Republican
  Because I have a Spine
I cannot be a so-called Liberal
  Because I have a Heart
I cannot be a so-called Conservative
  Because I am Genuine
Whether called as such, or not.

Life’s Way

But God loved us all
  So He sent His Christ to us
Who gave His life to those who love Him
  And so I am a Christian
For I gave my all to Him
  But I did not have enough
So Christ paid the rest in full
  Even though I did not deserve it
Because that is how much He loves us
  And now I know for certain

So why not come to Him now?
  For Salvation can be yours
What else can be more important?
  It is for you too, only if you will.
Why turn away, you do it everyday
  But life will not always be
For Death is on His way
  Because such is the price of sin
Give all your life to Christ Jesus
  For it is a much better end.

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