160 Plus Research Studies Affirm Naturally Acquired Immunity to Covid-19: Documented, Linked, and Quoted

We should not force COVID vaccines on anyone when the evidence shows that naturally acquired immunity is equal to or more robust and superior to existing vaccines. Instead, we should respect the right of the bodily integrity of individuals to decide for themselves.
By Paul Elias Alexander, October 17, 2021

COVID Vaccines

“GET A RIDE” to your COVID-19 VACCINE appointment!
Program eliminates transportation barriers.

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), with the support of the Missouri Advisory Committee on Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, launched a new statewide transportation guide to help address and eliminate barriers to COVID-19 vaccine access. “Get a Ride” can be found at

FREE COVID-19 Testing!

Testing locations are located throughout the City for easy access. Tests are estimated to take 10 to 20 minutes and results will be available in 24-48 hours.
To learn more, visit here or by phone at 816-325-7121.

Jackson County Health Department will be conducting flu vaccination clinics for the public.

An appointment is required.
The Jackson County Health Department
313 S. Liberty St., Independence MO



  • Listen to and follow the directions of your STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES.
  • IF YOU FEEL SICK, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.
  • IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE SICK, keep them at home. Do not send them to school. Contact your medical provider.
  • IF SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS TESTED POSITIVE for the coronavirus, keep the entire household at home. Do not go to work. Do not go to school. Contact your medical provider.
  • IF YOU ARE AN OLDER PERSON, stay home and away from other people.
  • IF YOU ARE A PERSON WITH A SERIOUS UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITION that can put you at increased risk (for example, a condition that impairs your lung or heart function or weakens your immune system), stay home and away from other people.


  • Work or engage in schooling FROM HOME whenever possible
  • IF YOU WORK IN A CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRY, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. You and your employers should follow CDC guidance to protect your health at work.
  • AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS in groups of more than 10 people.
  • Avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants, and food courts – USE DRIVE-THRU, PICKUP, OR DELIVERY OPTIONS
  • AVOID DISCRETIONARY TRAVEL, shopping trips, and social visits
  • DO NOT VISIT nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical assistance.
    Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.
    Avoid touching your face.
    Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.
    Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.

Coronavirus Grocery and Take Out Safety

Grocery shopping safety

  • Wipe down your cart
  • Commit to buying items before touching them or picking them up
  • Don’t go to the market if you have respiratory symptoms or you may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19
  • Plan to buy what you will need for two weeks, to minimize the time you must spend at the market
  • Don’t allow family members or loved ones over the age of 60 to go to the market themselves

Grocery cleaning and disinfecting

  • Sanitize your counter or workspace with a standard disinfectant
  • Section your surface into two sides, designating one side as “clean” and one as “dirty” for your unsanitized groceries
  • Wipe down all plastics, including packaging
  • Get rid of unnecessary external packaging that could be contaminated
  • If you use cloth bags for your shopping, consider them “dirty” and place them outside or wash them immediately after use
  • Move packaged items like bread to other clean containers
  • Spray down impermeable packaging with disinfectant
  • Wash fruits in soapy water vigorously for 20 seconds

Takeout and delivery food safety

  • Wash hands immediately with soap and water for 20 seconds after touching packaging and before handling food
  • Keeping food free of contact with outside wrappers or packaging, place onto a clean plate
  • Microwave or heat food whenever possible, and choose hot foods over cold
  • Empty any sauces onto a clean plate or into a clean container without exposing them to the outer packaging

Please use this time in a positive manner. Here are some suggestions:

  • Help others “at a distance”
  • Do those things you’ve been putting off, such as your homework or housework, or physical exercises
  • Take time to call your loved ones, make sure that they are okay, tell them how much you love them
  • Study your favorite subject or read books by your favorite author
  • Experiment with new recipes
  • Make interesting plans and goals, just for the fun of it
  • Plant every good seed that you can think of, whether it is flowers, vegetables, trees, or simply kindness
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